Bus, River Cruise, Prague Castle Tour, Vysehrad Castle Tour and Old Town and Medieval Underground


This is one of our most comprehensive packages that includes 5 products to help you enjoy Prague to the fullest.

This package includes
-Bus Hop on Hop off (48 hours)
-One Hour River Cruise
-Prague Castle Tour
-Vysehrad Castle Tour
-Old Town & Medieval Underground Tour

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Hop on Hop off Voucher 48 Hours

All three of our routes have built in guided audio telling tales of the city as we whisk you around Prague's historical hot spots. We have seven languages available on the buses as well as a staff member on board to assist you with any questions or queries you may have.

The Purple line takes you to those places a little further from the centre such as Vysehrad castle, Vinohrady and Zizkov. These areas boast an array of wonderful historic sights such as the Church of St Ludmila at Namesti Miru or the Basilica of St Peter and St Paul at Vysehrad. As well as this you can hop off at the Zizkov TV tower and take in one of the most controversial looking structures in Prague. You can head up the tower or simply stroll around Prague's hippest district of Zizkov and find a cool cafe to soak in some of the city like a true local.

The voucher is valid on all buses and can be used throughout your selected period of time. The red line, with the option of open top, takes you to those hard to reach places in the city by foot such as The Castle, Strahov Stadium and Strahov monastery. On the red line you can choose to hop off at any of these points, where we have designated City sightseeing Bus stops and timetables so you can plan your return easily or head on to the next point of interest.

The Blue line is a route that really penetrates the heart of the city and whisks you through the Old Town and historical centre. We have inner city buses which will allow you to hear stories of the more central iconic landmarks such as The Rudolfinum, The Jewish quarters and St Nikolas Church. Our buses are air conditioned for your comfort and you can also choose to hop off at any of the stops to see a point of interest or change to our red line. We have recently updated our audio stories on the bus so feel free to sample our latest edition.

Old town and Medieval Underground tour

You will hear the dark history of Prague's most well known monument, the astronomical clock and the town hall. You will get to step inside the secret alchemyst laboratory and see how they made some of the medicines and poisons to cure and harm. All this and last but not least the dungeons and medieval torture rooms used for some of the most horrific acts throughout the bleakest years of the city.

Duration: 1 hour

When: Daily at 1100, 1300, 1500, 1700

Prague Castle Walking Tour

A castle that took 900 years of construction to reach the beauty we see today. The castle provided fuel for Kings and Queens ambitions to leave behind something greater than their predecessor and as a result of that royal inner competition you may visit one of Euope's masterpieces.

The best of all architecture through the ages, from Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque come alive from the tasteful surroundings. We offer a 90 minute guided stroll through pure beauty, picked up and brought back to the comfort of our buses or if you can not get enough of it and want to explore more feel free to stay longer and indulge in it's classical beauty and ponder the tales of royal families, saints and warriors.

Times:  10:45 / 12:15 / 13:45  Starting Point: Stop 4. Prague Castle on the Red Line

One Hour River Cruise Tour

Not many cities can offer the fairy tale like views of the medieval city better than a river cruise along Prague's River Vltava. An absolute must with guaranteed 365° panoramic views of Prague Castle, Lesser Town, Old Town and the Jewish Quarter and of course the gorgeous gothic Charles Bridge and its dark high rising towers. Cruises are available throughout the whole day. Early morning sunlight, midday sun, golden sunsets, or enjoy an evening cruise and marvel at the spectacular twilight of the city. The medieval town was built along the shallowest river shores and among hills which offers quite a unique view of the capital. A trip along the river truly is a must when visiting the city and gives you a new perspective of Prague. Duration: 60 min Languages available: English, Czech, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, French Starting Point: Dock/ Pier/ Platform : 5. Beside Czech Bridge and closeto Stop 2 of the Blue Line Times  Summer Season (April- November)

  • From 10:00 to 18:00 Every 30min
  • From 18:00 to 21:00 Every hour
  • June until October also 22:00

Winter Season (November to April)

  • From 11:00 to 19:00 Every Hour

Vysehrad Castle Tour

Vysehrad is known for its myths. folklore and legends including one of the most crucial tales to the city of Prague and its foundation and future glory, that of Libuse. As well as this you will see the magnificent Basilica of St Peter and Paul, one of the most stunning places of worship in Prague and founded way back in the 11th century. Vysehrad cemetery is beautiful and legendary as it lays rest to some of the most imperative residents and cultural icons of The Czech Republic. One of the oldest buildings in Prague can be found in the fortress of Vysehrad and that is the Rotunda of St. Martin. This old but sturdy building has stood the test of time and even still has a cannonball lodged in the side of it from the Prussian raids in 1757. All this and more will be covered in our walking tour of Vysehrad which is absolutely one of the must-see places in Prague and indeed The Czech Republic.

You can access this tour by hopping off at stop 5 on the Purple Line route. The Tour will operate twice a day at  11:55 & 14:35  and will last 75 minutes approx.

Bus, River Cruise, Prague Castle Tour, Vysehrad Castle Tour and Old Town and Medieval Underground

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