2 Hour River Cruise


Get to know the most beautiful historical monuments in Prague in complete tranquility and comfort from the river.

Sail down the Vlatava river whilst marvelling at such amazing landmarks like The national Theatre, Charles Bridge and many other beautiful sights.


Two-hour River Cruise

An afternoon boat cruise which focuses on a wider appreciation of Prague's sights. The steam boat can go through the whole of the centre of Prague, so you can see all the important historic sites which are viewable from the Vltava river (Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, The National Theatre, the Emauzy monastery, Vyšehrad and many more). The boat sails from Čechův Bridge and using the Smíchov lock is able to get all the way to Vyšehrad, from where it turns back again.

Every day from 3.00pm and 4.30pm

2 Hour River Cruise

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