Mental Asylum Graveyard Tour

Hear tales and stories from one of Prague's psychiatric asylums and graveyards.

Use real paranormal devices to experience the spooky sensations like real paranormal investigators.

The tour takes place in a cemetery built to forever keep in those the world wanted to forget. 


Mental Asylum Graveyard Tour

A cemetery built to forever keep in those the world wanted to forget. Come with us on an exclusive nighttime walk through a graveyard for the criminally insane and patients of the asylum. With an inexplicably high concentration of energy and huge electromagnetic forces, despite there being no electricity cables or plumbing, the cemetery of the asylum at Bohnice is a place your mind, body and soul will never forget.

Learn of the torments of 19th and 20th century psychiatric treatments and the agonizing lives of the hospital’s inmates. Hear the stories of criminals, prisoners and suicides. Measure the temperatures, electromagnetic energy levels, and sounds from the beyond as we guide you among the 4,000 graves of the truly insane, the tormented and those who have suffered so much they may not even know that they are dead.

See the place that held satanic rituals and secret weapons caches. Could the grave of Gavrilo Princip, the madman who ignited the First World War that drove millions to the slaughter, actually lie here beneath the ivy? Come learn, hear, feel, measure and see for yourself this inexplicably haunting and deeply disturbing world beyond worlds.

You will become paranormal investigators, able to explore the graveyard’s darkest corners, tombstones and chapel. You can also bring your camera, digital recorder, EMF meter, etc. Make sure you stay with
your guide. You never know what could happen if you break from the group. Our guides are here to ensure that you have a positive, safe evening and return with us back to the land of the living.

 Days: Monday,Wednesday, Friday (June through October only)
 Time: 8:30 pm
 Duration: 3 hours
 One price: 39 € (incl. transportation to the hospital, cemetery and back to the city centre. Three gadgets flash light, K-II EMF Meter & P-SB7 Ghostbox)
We do not run tours on December 24, 25 and 31.

Things to note:
Tour runs with min. 4 people, and max. 15 people. (It is also possible to book a private tour for group) 
Comfortable / hiking shoes are recommended. We provide flash lights.
You can also bring your camera, digital recorder, EMF meter, etc.

Tour highlights:
 An evening among the graves of the mentally ill, criminals, soldiers, prostitutes, and suicides is an 
up-close and personal paranormal Prague experience you will never forget! 
A Paranormal investigation that includes measuring the temperatures, energy levels, and sounds 
from the beyond through a spirit box.

IMPORTANT: Prior to making your booking for this service please call or email us to confirm availability/ capacity!+420 776 464 417 /

Mental Asylum Graveyard Tour
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