48 hours Hop-on / Hop-off and Castle Walking Tour

Get a bus voucher for 48 hours plus the essential walking tour of Prague Castle.

Prague Castle holds the record of the World's Biggest Medieval castle but along side it it deserves many praises for its beauty.

A complex of buildings, gardens, churches, palaces, libraries and breathtaking views. Let our most experienced guides walk you through the castle grounds, enter the Cathedral and take you camera with you for some beautiful sites.

Hop on Hop off 48hours
Prague Castle Tour

Prague Castle Walking Tour

A castle that took 900 years of construction to reach the beauty we see today. The castle provided fuel for Kings and Queens ambitions to leave behind something greater than their predecessor and as a result of that royal inner competition you may visit one of Euope's masterpieces.

The best of all architecture through the ages, from Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque come alive from the tasteful surroundings. We offer a 90 minute guided stroll through pure beauty, picked up and brought back to the comfort of our buses or if you can not get enough of it and want to explore more feel free to stay longer and indulge in it's classical beauty and ponder the tales of royal families, saints and warriors.

Tour time: 11:15 
Starting Point: Stop 3. Prague Castle on the Red Line and Blue Line

Includes 48 hours Hop on Hop off

The voucher is valid on all routes and can be used throughout your selected period of time. The red line takes you to those hard to reach places in the city by foot such as The Castle, Strahov Stadium and Strahov monastery. On the red line you can choose to hop off at any of these points, where we have designated City sightseeing Bus stops and timetables so you can plan your return easily or head on to the next point of interest.

Our blue line will take you through the inner city and tell you tales in 10 languages, you can also use this service to connect to the red line.

48 hours Hop-on / Hop-off and Castle Walking Tour
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