Adrenaline & Thrill

How about something for all you thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies out there. Perhaps you want to be scared witless or jump from a plane above Prague? Or if that doesn't tickle your fancy how about shooting a gun, a pub crawl and many more.

Prague Shooting Experience
Have you always fancied yourself as a hot shot gun-slinger? Then you need to head to Prague Shooting's very own gun range. MINIMUM 2 PEOPLE
2,800.00 Kč
Skydiving in Prague
They say every great journey begins with a single step, this one just happens to be out of a plane, 4200m above Prague!
4,200.00 Kč
Prague Fear House
Nerves of steel? Prague Fear House boasts a terrifying haunted house with live actors and themed rooms.
450.00 Kč
Ghosts, Legends & Dungeons Tour
See Prague's darker side with this entertaining guided ghost tour, taken by an expert guide in full costumed attire.
400.00 Kč
350.00 Kč
Old Town & Medieval Underground
A tour through Prague's romanesque and gothic underground, with tales of torture, defenestration and other medieval stories.
400.00 Kč
350.00 Kč
Mental Asylum Graveyard Tour
Hear tales and stories from one of Prague's psychiatric asylums and graveyards. Use real paranormal devices to experience the spooky sensations like real paranormal investigators.
950.00 Kč
Drunken Monkey Pub Crawl
Prague’s original and longest running pub crawl, still one of the best night's out in Prague you probably won't remember much.
600.00 Kč
Hamley’s Attraction Card
Countless activities for children in the world’s most famous toy store.
100.00 Kč
Czech Folklore dining & dancing
Folklore Garden is a unique project in Prague offering a wonderful experience of the Czech folk music in a way of an interactive folklore show
1,250.00 Kč
625.00 Kč
Euro Segway - Prague Segway Tours
We have 3 recommended segway tours in Prague on offer. Segway is one of the best ways to get around Prague!
1,550.00 Kč
Euro Segway - Prague Hugo Tours
Hugo bikes offer you a great and mobile way of getting around the city to see all the sights.
1,200.00 Kč
Combined Tours (Euro + Hugo)
Combine your two wheeled experience of Prague with this segway and Hugo bike tour package.
2,300.00 Kč
Mondays Like Fridays
The best Monday party in Prague, organized by Make A Difference Prague.
150.00 Kč